Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adopt A Monster!

We applaud Paul Vincett not only for his brilliance and creativity but also for his selfless contributions to the animal kingdom. Vincett is a freelance prop/puppet maker and designer with a passion for preventing animal cruelty and promoting kindness to all walks of life. This very passion, combined with years of research, led Vincett to develop his project known as Monster Workshop. The adoption store is stocked with handmade monsters who each have their own story and are all eager to find a good home. Monster Workshop donates 5% of every purchase to the RSPCA in England and Wales to help animals that have suffered at the hands of humans. Visit Paul Vincett's main site at Stitches & Glue to see puppets, 3-D illustration, monster taxidermy, and to download free desktop backgrounds. You can also follow all of Vincett's activity on the Stitches & Glue Blog. Please take a few minutes to explore this company and let it inspire you all to be compassionate in all of your pursuits.

-Ash Lethal

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