Tuesday, January 26, 2010

O'Brother 7 inch Vinyl Release Show

photo credits: Alex Gibbs - www.alexgibbsphotos.com

1.22.10: Imagine there's an underground music venue with no visible sign or telephone and it has the ability to admit 250 people. It's a Friday night in downtown Atlanta and with so many things to do you might also imagine that The Drunken Unicorn is the last place you'd see people packing into. Expect nothing less from a live show with a lineup that consists of artists O'Brother and All The Day Holiday.
We have been fans of O'Brother for a few years now but our highlight from this show is a live video of All The Day Holiday playing a song from their first full-length album. The band hails organically from Cincinnati and their sound is comparable to that of artists like Jimmy Eat World, Muse, and Death Cab for Cutie. This was our first time catching them live and we were completely blown away. You may find the footage is a little rocky at times but it captures these brilliant minds at work as well as their interactive chemistry onstage. All The Day Holiday has become one of our favorites instantly as they share some of our sources for inspiration; art, experience, and the wonderful mystery of life. This band is essentially all that they are inspired by in the way they create art and deliver it in the form of an unforgettable experience. These experiences are what help us to solve those wonderful mysteries of life.
-Ash Lethal

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Video Montage #1 - Ash Lethal & Mekilla

January 2010
Departure: Atlanta.
Destination: West Palm Beach.
72 Hours of Adventures.
(2 Digital Cameras + iMovie)
Watch the Highlights in 3:35 Minutes:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 Simple Questions for the Complex Chris Piascik

Interview with Boston artist/graphic designer Chris Piascik:

Although Chris Piascik's drawings may seem simple and to the point, where he finds inspiration and his story are anything but. I encourage you to read up on Chris at www.chrispiascik.com and visit www.printbrigade.com. Credit for the discovery of Chris Piascik goes to Mekilla...but she let me interview him. :)

PB: What is one thing you learned in school that you wouldn't know had you not gotten a "formal" education?
CP: Hmm..just one thing?? I could probably write a book about it. I guess most of the things I learned could have been figured out over time/experience—but being in such close proximity to like-minded creatives causes you to learn and grow as an artist exponentially. It's actually hard to think about because I imagine what I knew before art school and it seems like a completely different time.
PB: Can you rattle off 5 of your favorite album covers that have influenced you most as an artist?
CP: Menomena - Friend or Foe, Danzig 1, The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow, The Misfits - Bullet, Green Day - Dookie
PB: How many tattoos do you have? Are they all as significant as the Sharpie on your forearm?
CP: Just 2—the other is a slightly modified Captain Harlock skull and crossbones. The Misfits re-appropriated it very early on and that is the main reason I got it. I have always been a huge Misfits fan. The crossbones also have little X's worked into the negative space as a quasi-stretch-edge tattoo. I generally don't like to use the term "straight edge" these days, however, I don't drink or smoke, etc. I'm just not militant about it–it's simply a personal choice.

Check out Chris in this kick-ass video and embrace the spirit of this past Halloween (one of my favorite holidays):

-Ash Lethal

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Band of Horses

Band of Horses, formerly known as Horses, was formed in Seattle, Washington in 2004. These woodsy gentlemen captured my attention with their unique folk-indie rock sound. They currently base their work out of Mt.Pleasant, South Carolina and have been on tour with their second album, Cease to Begin. We were lucky enough to catch their sold out show in Atlanta, Georgia at the Tabernacle.

Minus the Bear LIVE! from Variety Playhouse, in Atlanta.Ga.

Minus the Bear is an Indie Rock band from Seattle, Washington. They are known for their amusing song tittles and their unique sound: a combination of electro beats mixed with Indie Pop Rock. I was fortunate to catch them while they were in Atlanta.Ga back in 2008. Their stage performance was simply incredible, not to mention they are some of the most mellow, down to earth guys I've ever met. If they come to a city near you.. take advantage and go see them! Here's a small sample of them at the Variety Playhouse in Little Five Points. Enjoy!


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