Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 Simple Questions for the Complex Chris Piascik

Interview with Boston artist/graphic designer Chris Piascik:

Although Chris Piascik's drawings may seem simple and to the point, where he finds inspiration and his story are anything but. I encourage you to read up on Chris at and visit Credit for the discovery of Chris Piascik goes to Mekilla...but she let me interview him. :)

PB: What is one thing you learned in school that you wouldn't know had you not gotten a "formal" education?
CP: Hmm..just one thing?? I could probably write a book about it. I guess most of the things I learned could have been figured out over time/experience—but being in such close proximity to like-minded creatives causes you to learn and grow as an artist exponentially. It's actually hard to think about because I imagine what I knew before art school and it seems like a completely different time.
PB: Can you rattle off 5 of your favorite album covers that have influenced you most as an artist?
CP: Menomena - Friend or Foe, Danzig 1, The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow, The Misfits - Bullet, Green Day - Dookie
PB: How many tattoos do you have? Are they all as significant as the Sharpie on your forearm?
CP: Just 2—the other is a slightly modified Captain Harlock skull and crossbones. The Misfits re-appropriated it very early on and that is the main reason I got it. I have always been a huge Misfits fan. The crossbones also have little X's worked into the negative space as a quasi-stretch-edge tattoo. I generally don't like to use the term "straight edge" these days, however, I don't drink or smoke, etc. I'm just not militant about it–it's simply a personal choice.

Check out Chris in this kick-ass video and embrace the spirit of this past Halloween (one of my favorite holidays):

-Ash Lethal

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