Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free Music: Florrie

A girl who can play drums, sing, & mix her own music is a girl deserving of some attention. Add natural beauty that is equally matched with selfless generosity and you have a girl worth crushing on. UK artist Florrie is a young musician building her fan base by making all her music free to download, share, & remix. The tracks on her Introduction EP combine many elements all seemingly opposite; human yet robotic, energetic but soothing, heavy yet sleek. And so the theory is: Opposites Attract. Florrie is one gifted female who not only proves that but she also shares her ability to find the chemistry that balances these opposing attractions. Visit her website for personal fun facts, free downloads, & more. -Lethal

Enjoy this video from a performance of "Give Me Your Love" live at Nottingham Rock City:

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